Your silver is tarnished!

If you just forgot to put your jewelry away properly one night, we have all done it, or your silver seems to just tarnish out of nowhere there are easy options to maintain them.

Why does Silver Tarnish?

When silver reacts with the air (generally oxygen and sulfides,) that chemical reaction causes the outer discoloration that we call "tarnish." Silver tarnishes initially getting a bit dull and you may see some gold tinted spots on your jewelry.

How to prevent tarnish

First step is always to try and prevent!

Before putting away your silver make sure it is clean, and dry.

Then store it in a dry, airtight container like a reusable plastic bag.

Moisture may also cause tarnish to appear faster, so we recommend not showering or swimming with the jewelry on. If you do, make sure you dry it off well afterwards. 

Cleaning Silver

Silver only gets harder to clean longer it stays tarnished, so try and clean it ASAP.

We recommend getting one of the polishing clothes that we sell in the store.

Sometime there is oxidization that is on the jewelry intentionally to create and emphasize textures. These clothes do an amazing job maintaining the integrity of the piece.

Depending on the piece there are silver dips, but be careful using them with anything with stones. The cleaning dips may damage them and nobody wants that. Also if there is oxidization on the piece, the dip will remove it.


We greatly discourage the use of toothpaste and baking soda.

These have been used as popular home remedies, though they may get the tarnish off, silver is a soft metal and you might be left with very scratched up pieces of silver.

Some people also try and use chemical cleaners that are not designed for jewelry (e.g. Bleach, acetone, etc.)

These will most likely cause the silver to end up more dull unfortunately.

What if my jewelry has an overlay/coating?

Rhodium and Gold coatings are popular on silver jewelry to give the piece a new look.

Overlays may be a bit harder to maintain but we can keep them looking good.

Be careful with scratching

Scratched surfaces on the overlay may create a weak point for the overlay to start coming off. To prevent this store pieces separate from other pieces so they do not rub against each other.

Pools are bad!

We highly recommend against swimming with any plated jewelry. Especially if chemicals like chlorine have been added. If you do go for a dip with your jewelry on, make sure that you dry it off well after words.


Sometimes things get dirty. If you do need to clean any plated jewelry, wash with warm water and a soft clothe, most detergents are too abrasive, and we recommend against it.

Jewelry cleaning dips are also not advised. Most will try and strip everything off except the base metal.