Beaded Stone Bracelets

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Get your stone healing vibes from these popular gemstone stackable stretch bracelets. An excellent bracelet for men or women and is offered in multiple thicknesses to get the perfect look. 

Offered in various stones, including African Turquoise, Amazonite, Black Labradorite, Black Line Agate, Black Onyx, Bluespot Jasper, Chrysoprase, Dalmatian Jasper, Green Adventurine, Greenspot Jasper, Indian Agate, Kiwi Jasper, Labradorite, Onyx, Red Agate, Rhodonite, Rice-Wheat Stone, Rose Quartz, Sesame Black Jasper, Sodalite, Tigers Eye, Tree Line Agate, Watermelon Black Quartz, and Woodline Jasper