Boho Crystal Chandelier Earrings

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These earthy earrings have a chic bohemian feel that can be worn with a laid-back flowy everyday outfit or dressed up for a stylish, upbeat evening look. The dangling crystals playfully twist and jostle, catching the light and adding dazzling shine to your every step. Choose from any of our three distinct crystal designs! Amethyst brings balance and calms extreme emotions, while clear quartz amplifies the power of other stones and cleanses energies. Pair these stones with either the soft orange glow of citrine, an anchoring stone that warms and sustains vitality, or the cool blue banding of kyanite, the great aligner of energy that promotes free self-expression and communication. Alternatively, go with the full citrine look to breathe new life into your spirit or full clear quartz to cleanse and magnify your spirit! No matter your choice, these earrings are sure to delight and impress!

Approximate length: 2 inches

Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Citrine, Kyanite  

 Not Sterling Silver,

All pictures are representative of the jewelry, natural stones vary in color and clarity.