Fancy Marquise Shaped Baltic Amber Earrings

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Shine with the glamorous vintage charm of these stunning Baltic amber earrings. A timeless marquise shape centers between a round and teardrop stone, giving these earrings a graceful appeal. The radiant cherry and butterscotch amber stones sparkle against the delicate swirling lace setting, brilliantly complimenting the stone's magical glow. Choose from the mysterious deep glow of cherry amber or the more subdued earthy look of the butterscotch; whichever you choose, you will look ravishing in these spectacular amber earrings.
Amber is known to promote calmness, self-confidence, and self-empowerment and cleanses negative energy by grounding you in its ancient sap.

Materials: .925 Sterling Silver, Baltic Cherry, and Butterscotch Amber

Approximate Length = 1.25 inches