Wire Wrapped Stone Pendant

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Best seller at our store fronts!!! This tapered obelisk stone pendant come in a dainty wire wrapped setting with a twist design. Pairs perfectly with a cord or silver chain!


Bloodstone: Has been used to cleanse the body and tame negative energy. A mix of blue-green and red in color.

Quartz: Known as 'the Master Healer' especially when shaped into six-sided shards like these pendants are! Clear in color. 

Selenite: Used for protection and good luck. White in color

Shungite: This stone has been used to balance emotions and balance the mind, while also boosting energy. Black in color and smooth in texture.

Sodalite: Said to boost self-confidence, self-trust, and self-acceptance,  increase rational thought, truth, and communication. Blue with white marbling.  

Tiger's Eye: A stone known to release anxiety and fear. A mix of brown and amber in color.

Tourmaline: Promotes a healthy body and mind. Black in color and slightly textured.