Oval Gemstone Ring with Silver Ball Border

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This enchanting gemstone rings brilliant stones glow in the stunning disk-shaped setting, adorned with intricate vintage-style bead detailing. This captivating ring comes in three varieties, each with its own unique boho, hippy-chic spirit. Choose one of the earthy greens of malachite or aventurine. Malachites' unusual banding pattern makes each stone look like streams of wet paint, making each stone its own unique piece of art with a natural silky luster that shines. The warmth of aventurine radiates with its translucent, soft, and subtle glow, hypnotizing the wearer with its beauty. Revered for their healing properties, malachite and aventurine absorb environmental pollution, strengthen the wearer, and promote growth. Or choose the fierce and mysterious black onyx, which is used to quiet powerful emotions, purify your energy, and help balance the yin and yang. Either way, you'll have a stylish ring that can be worn on its own or paired with a friend.

Material: .925 Sterling Silver, Aventurine, Malachite, and Onyx.