Spectacular Faceted Gemstone Earrings

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A pair of stunning statement earrings with faceted stones adorned in intricate Bali style detailing. These remarkable earrings come in three varieties, each with its own unique boho hippy chic spirit. Moonstone, known for its power to stabilize emotions and enhance intuition, glows with the classic white iridescent color of its namesake. Or go with the dark bewitching blue-green tones of labradorite, which helps you be in tune with your own spirit and embrace new experiences. If you prefer a vivid stone, choose the mystical dark blue lapis lazuli stone, preferred by the ancient Egyptians for its striking color and ability to promote courage and honest communication. Let these phenomenal earrings add opulent vintage vibes to your wardrobe.  

Approximate Length: 1 inch

Materials: .925 Sterling Silver, Moonstone, Labradorite, Lapis

All pictures are representative of items, natural stones vary in color.