Stunning Whale Tail Bracelet

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This eye-catching whale tail bracelet features a stunning filigree design —handcrafted by one of our treasured artisan collections, a mesmerizing and commanding jewelry line that never disappoints.

The Whale symbolizes communication, protection, transformation, and wisdom. With their majestic nobility, they encourage us to ride the waves of life, navigating through tumultuous currents to those serene moments. So dive deeper into your subconscious, embrace healing and nurturing, and find the courage to sing your personal song.

Whales play a vital role in the marine ecosystem, covering 3/4 of our planet. They live in every ocean, providing at least half of the oxygen we breathe; and helping combat climate change and sustain fish stocks. So show your love for these fascinating creatures by purchasing this bracelet and we will donate 10% of your purchase to, a nonprofit fighting to save our seas and protect these ancient creatures, so we can continue to enjoy their beauty and benefit from what they provide to our planet. So keep swimming, big guy.

Materials: .925 Sterling Silver

Approximate length: 7" with a Toggle Clasp